Student Art Contest

Arisia is the largest and most diverse volunteer-run science fiction convention in New England. Among other activities at the convention (panel discussions, demonstrations, storytelling, costume events, games, movies, etc.), we have a first-class Art Show, showcasing the finest professional and amateur science fiction and fantasy artists and illustrators in New England and the surrounding areas. Some of these artists will participate in the final judging of the Student Art Contest. Arisia is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation; its purpose is to further the enjoyment and appreciation of science fiction and fantasy, and to bring together the fan community. We believe it is essential to involve and motivate the next generation of artists and fans; this art contest is an important part of that mission.

Student Art Contest Winners


The Fallen by Luke Davies


Mermaid Shark by Suet Yi Li


Redemption through Nature (Before/After) by Nirran Lachmann


Untitled by Kendra Rodriguez, Mermaid Catfish by Suet Yi Li, Limitless by Andrea Liu

Congratulations to all of our winners!