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Arisia 2025 will be at the Hyatt Regency Boston/Cambridge, January 17-20, 2025.

This website is in the process of migrating from Arisia 2024 to Arisia 2025.

Art Show

Photo by Cat Trzaskowski

The Arisia 2024 Art Show featured work by 60 artists including our Artist Guest of Honor Winona Nelson hung salon style on 500 linear feet of portable wall space and 126 linear feet of table space for 3D works. Subject matter included science fiction, fantasy, space, and other speculative subjects, in a wide variety of media.

At Arisia 2024, we had 1,262 for-sale and 23 not-for-sale originals, and 2,157 copies of 504 prints, on 106 panels and 18 tables.  Of these, we sold 257 originals and 605 copies of 252 prints to 384 different buyers for a total of $32,781.67 plus tax.  Out of 60 artists with work for sale, 46 sold work.

Applications for entry are open now


There is a small hanging fee, but no commission is charged on sales. Unlike most other science fiction convention art shows, sales at Arisia are at fixed price only. More information is available on the rules and fees page.

More information about the Art Show, including sales statistics, are available on last year's website.


2024 Art Show Winners

Best in Show:  Zach Gabbard “Tower 7"

Conchair Awards: Lois Bloodwell Bennett "Porthole" & Rachel Creemers "Hard to Hear: Sunset"
AGoH Award: Daria Theodora "A Wish For Peace"
WGoH Award: Chris Mindle "Dragonfish"
FGoH Award: Lori Del Genis "Coat of Many Colors"
Fan Favorite 2D: Kate Adams "The Wardrobe Master"
Fan Favorite 3D: Brian Chan "Attack of The Kraken"
Artshow Staff Choice Award: Amelia Royce Leonards
Directors Awards: Darion Breslau "A Cat Named Magnesium" & Kendra Tornheim "Dragon Eye Pendant"