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Arisia 2025 will be at the Hyatt Regency Boston/Cambridge, January 17-20, 2025.

This website is in the process of migrating from Arisia 2024 to Arisia 2025.

Photographer and Audio and Video Recorders' Contract

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I _______________, hereby agree to the following rules of the convention: (It is understood that the term "photograph" refers to a graphic image of any description in the foregoing.)

  1. I will not photograph or otherwise record any individual or groups other than Masquerade contestants posing in designated photo areas unless I first request and obtain permission of the subject(s) of the photograph or recordings
  2. I will respect the desire of any person to not be photographed or recorded by me or any other individual or group of individuals. In the event that anyone specifically asks that I not photograph or record them I will abide by their wishes.
  3. During the Masquerade, I will only take flash photos in those areas specifically designated as a "Flash Photo Area".
  4. All photographs and recordings I take are strictly for non-commercial purposes (i.e. not for resale or used for promotion of a product or business) unless I first obtain written permission from Arisia or a signed release from the subject(s). Such release or permission will describe in detail the use(s) to which I plan to put said images or recordings.
  5. I will not alter the pictures taken in any way by any means without first written permission from Arisia or a signed release from the maker and wearer (if different) of the costume.

Individuals making commercial photographs and recordings agree that upon request they will provide Arisia a copy of said photographs and recordings at the cost of reproduction only.

Furthermore, I understand that my failure to abide by any of the above may be grounds for me to be denied access to any designated photo area; required to turn over all film, negatives, prints, tape, memory cards, and/or any other recording or image collecting medium, and/or be removed from the premises of the convention and denied readmittance.

Agreed to on the ____ day of __________, 20____
Signed: _____________________________________