Dealer FAQ

General Dealer Questions

When is Arisia?

January 12th - 15th, 2018. The convention starts Friday afternoon, and will finish Monday afternoon.

Where is Arisia?

The Westin Waterfront Hotel
425 Summer Street,
Boston MA 02210

What is Arisia?

Arisia is a volunteer run, nonprofit science fiction convention founded in 1989. Arisia'18 will be our 29th convention. For the past couple of years, we've had over 4,500 attendees, including volunteers, panelists, and others who help make Arisia be what it is. Arisia is New England's largest and most diverse science fiction and fantasy convention.

If I have questions, who do I talk to?

Your Dealer's Liaison this year is Ed Trachtenberg. The best way to reach him is to send e-mail to @email.

Is there a Dealer's Room this year?

Yes! There is no Dealer's Row this year.

May I share my space with another vendor?

Absolutely. Discuss it with them ahead of time. You will need to mention them on your application form and they will need to mention you on their application form. At least one of you will need to let us know who will be responsible for paying for your shared space.

Tell me about the Dealer's Room.

The Dealer's Room is an area in a large exhibit space. The space will be shared mainly with the Con Suite. The Art Show is upstairs. This area will be secured after hours, so that our dealers will be able to set up Thursday afternoon and Friday morning and tear down Monday afternoon, without having to do daily set-up and tear down during the weekend.

What is the cost? What do I get for this cost?

The cost is $120 per table. Each table is a double 6' by 18" set, giving the dealer 6’ x 36” of table display space. Dealers who want more than two tables spaces will have to provide justification for why they need additional spaces, and they will be granted on a case-by-case basis. There will be space in the application form for this justification.

We also offer a small number of 10’ X 10' spaces for booths. Arisia does not provide booth partitioning nor pipe&drape decorating. These booth spaces cost $300 (one sales side) and $360 for a corner booth (two sales sides).

The cost of a table or booth does not include memberships.

As always, we are limiting the number of tables to be appropriate for our attendance. We will provide at least one power outlet per dealer, if you ask for it. If you need more than one, please bring power strips and/or extension cords. Power strips and extension cords must be grounded (3 wire).

The hotel does not have storage areas for boxes or crates, so packing materials will have to go under your table, or back to your vehicles.

What are the hours of operation?

The Dealer’s Room will be open for you to start moving in at 2pm on Thursday, and at 10am on Friday. All day Thursday and Friday until 5pm, only people with Dealer Ribbons will be able to get into the Dealer's room. You get your Dealer's Ribbons from the Dealer's Liaison at the convention.

Proposed Dealer's Room public hours are:

  • Friday 5pm-9pm
  • Saturday 10am - 7pm
  • Sunday 10am - 7pm
  • Monday 10am - 2:30pm

Dealer's Room Questions

What is the lighting like?

The lighting in the Dealer’s room is not great. If you have readily transportable lights, it's probably a very good idea to bring them along.

What is the power situation?

If you ask for it, we will make sure that your area has an outlet. We will have at least one power drop per dealer island/wall-group. You should bring at least one grounded (3 wire) extension cord. If you need to plug in more than one item, please bring a grounded (3 wire) power strip. You will be sharing power with your neighboring dealers.

Can I get Internet?

Free Internet cannot be guaranteed in the Dealer’s Room. If Arisia is able to create a room-wide hot-spot we will notify dealers. Wired internet is available at $125/drop. Reservations for a wired Internet connection must be made no later than December 1.

Can I load into the Dealer's Room on Thursday?

Yes. The room will be secured overnight on Thursday. If you want to load in early, and miss the Friday rush, we would be delighted to have you do so. We will have the Dealer's Room open for load-in, and a volunteer to door guard between 2pm and 10pm Thursday. After about 10pm, the room will be closed to setup and secured. Please don’t arrive before 2pm on Thursday as we will very probably still be in the process of setting up the room.

More Information

Weapons Sales

  • Any weapons (real or simulated) sold in the Arisia Dealer’s room must be peace bonded.
  • The location of the peace bonding station will be announced by the time the dealer’s room is open for business.
  • All edged weapons (swords, knives, arrows, etc.) must be wrapped in cardboard and securely taped when sold.
  • Any weapons not peace bonded must be immediately removed from the convention area (brought to the purchaser’s room / vehicle / etc.).

What laws and rules do I need to be concerned about?

  • You are responsible for observing all applicable laws (including, but not limited to tax, copyright, decency laws (see Adult Items)
  • All vendors are required to have a MA Sales Tax number in order to vend at Arisia as we are required to submit a list of vendors and their tax numbers to the State.

    This rule applies whether your business is MA-based business or out-of-state. It also applies even if you are selling only items that are tax exempt. If you are a tax exempt business (e.g. 501(c)3) you must submit your tax exempt number.

    Please see our web page describing "How to Apply for a Massachusetts Sales Tax ID" for further information. In addition our Tax Czarina is willing to assist any vendors with the process. Her email is @email.

  • This rule applies whether your business is a MA based business or an out-of-state business.  It also applies even if you are only selling items that are tax exempt.
  • If you are an out-of-state vendor (or are unfamiliar with the MA sales tax rules) you should read: A Guide to Sales and Use Taxes. For more information on Massachusetts taxes, see the Department of Revenue web site or call: (617) 887-MDOR (or (800) 392-6089).
  • To find out what weapons are not legal to carry in Massachusetts see Mass. General Laws Chapter 269, Section10 — search for paragraph (b) in the middle.
  • The hotel contract says that bumper stickers and any other sort of sticker may not be distributed at the convention, so no free stickers advertising your business.

Where is the Dealer's Application Form?

The form and additional information are on our dealer's questionnaire page.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at @email